Monday, February 10, 2014

Hey DEC Lovers!

Here is the first official entry of the 'Denver Eclectic Concerts' blog.

This is Susan Cahill here, bassist, teacher and co plate-spinner for the DEC world.
We (as in myself and Scott Higgins, husband, percussionist and man-job doer) are really excited to start this blog and super excited about this week's DEC concert.
I should back up a bit first.  For those of you who are new to us, my husband Scott and I took over DEC this past fall.  Dianne Betkowski handed over the bejeweled reins to us and ever since we have been busting our tochas to make sure this season this is as awesome as years past.
We've got no fancy ad agency churning out copy, no high powered PR firm getting the word out, not even a lowly coffee boy to buy our four dollar Starbucks.  It's just Scott and I, with a bit of help from EVERYONE!
People Mark Gill, Rosanna Frechette, Catherine Beeson, Dorian Kincaid and a bunch of other folks I have strong armed into the cause.
Well, the truth is I had to strong arm no one.  Musically minded folks seem to have no problem supporting such a great series.
Let me say this, send me an email and tell me where else you can go to a unique old South Pearl establishment that houses a mortgage business, an art gallery, an awesome dog, a great piano, lots of music stands and chairs and a bit of wine and cheese AND hear a great concert?  Nowhere! The first person to tell me where else you can do this will get to borrow our coffee boy for a day to go and retrieve your Starbucks.
Ok, so that last bit was a fib, but what's not a fib is that coming to our concerts will fill you with a feeling of connection, creativity and enrichment.  And lest I start to sound like an ad shark working for a used car lot, remember we actually believe all this stuff.
My colleagues and I have given over our lives to all sorts of  crazy musical endeavors and we do it not because it make us rich or gets us fame or even a PA who retrieves coffee.
It's just all for the beauty.

Come join is this Thursday when Evan Orman, Andy Stevens, Christoper Zemliauskas and myself perform music of the Tango.  Argentine Tango.  The kind that gets under your skin and shakes you until you say "Let go, Uncle Carlos".  If you are not a romantic already it will make you one.  If you already are, it will slay you and your beloved will thank us for eternity.
Check out this short rehearsal clip below!
Bonus: If you can identify the short bit of music that Andy plays that is decidedly NOT tango, you win a free companion ticket to this weeks' show!!!!

Hey, now that was short. There is lots more where that came from. 
And Now, Links!

Here's ours
The link for Morgtage West and Mark Gill (who generously provides our performance space) is

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