Tuesday, March 11, 2014

OK, so...

Ok.  We have all enjoyed the Winter Olympics in Sochi this year.
But if you want to see true professional athletes in action, come to the
Denver Eclectic Concert this Thursday, March 13th at 7pm, at the
Mortgage West Gallery, 1705 S. Pearl Street in Denver, CO.

Check it out -

Mike Thornton, the french horn athlete, has to warm-up with 100 jumping jacks to play
the schreeching-ly high A-flats in the Haydn Divertimento.

Susan Cahill, the double-bass athlete, her hands are SO strong that her fret board is made of a titanium alloy!

Kelly Shanafelt, the viola athlete, is actually 247 years-old.  I think playing viola is the
ultimate anti-aging medicine!


Dorian Kincaid, the violin athlete, has won the Boston Marathon 10 times.  The last two
marathons, she was playing the complete violin sonatas by J.S. Bach while running!

See you there!

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