Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Not Xmas!

Okay all you hum bugs, if you haven’t already made your plans to check out our concert tomorrow night then now is your chance. Cellist Charles Lee (aka ‘the fresh doctor VC’) will be joined by pianist Margaret McDonald (no aka, she’s a respectable lady...) and I promise, there will be nary a Christmas tune to crush your scrooge groove. 

Seriously, we don’t really hate Christmas music here at Denver Eclectic. As the angels on high know, it’s how most musicians make a good portion of their scrilla for the year. It’s just that we all need a break and Charles and Margaret have been sent by that crazy guy in ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ to keep you off the railing of the bridge. 

The lowdown is this: Some Britten (the coolest movement from his cello sonata) some Arvo Pärt, (for those of you needing to meditate) some Shostakovich, DeFalla and even some Piazzolla.  Oh and of course, some original music by the Doctor VC himself. 

Now I’ve known Charles a long time, and Margaret and I have played together and perhaps also shared a glass of eggnog from time to time. So believe me when I tell you this will be entertaining. I’ve hear rumors of a wardrobe change. And I know there will be  hilarious extemporaneous comments by the best Korean-raised-in-Germany-moved to America-son of a composer-cellist you are likely to ever come across. All of this made even more enjoyable by a nice glass of wine.

I’ll be there (Sue) but we will have a moment of silence for my poor dear husband and co-director who will be in the midst of Nutcracker number 7 of 24. 
What is a Mirliton, anyway? Whomever can give me the answer tomorrow with a proper use or preparation gets a glass of wine on me. 
See you there!!!

December 11th at 7pm.  Mortgage West Building, Mexico and Pearl Street.

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