Tuesday, January 6, 2015

January 8th: UKULELE!

Who out there needs a little purge after the holidays? 
The Denver Eclectic family sure is ready. We had a home basement flood, 24 Nutcrackers, too much candy and a bunch of lego building. It’s time. If you come out and visit us this Thursday night you’ll experience one of the forms of music that Denver is increasingly known for in the country. Aaron ‘Ukulele Loki’ Johnson has been creating interesting sounds and musical events for years here in Denver, and if you haven’t seen him yet, or even if you have, you will be a proud Denverite who knows that the creativity of this place is boundless. 
So what is this form? I hate to even classify it to completely. And classifying Aarons approach to it is even harder. 
 I could give you one of those “_______ meets_______” comparisons or “if ______and _______ had a baby” bits, but I tend to think that is PR double speak that boxes in the experience. Check out this link to a video that Aaron and his Gadabout Orchestra made a few years back. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6a0Vzcw8pA
And remember what Duke Ellington said about music “If it sounds good and it feels good, it IS good!”

But.... for those of you who really want to know what folks are saying, here is a good blurb about Aaron:

Ukulele Loki is at the root of the ukulele revival, not a recent branch. Or, as Aaron Keim of B.A.S. puts it: "Ukulele Loki is the original alt.rock, indie ukulele player." As one the instrument's ardent devotees, Loki started proselytizing the ukulele--Johnny Appleseeding it across the US, on the radio, and online--nine years ago, as well as traveling annually to Tokyo's fashion central (Harajuku) three times since 2004. He began lovingly covering 80s new wave hits years before it became the hipster de rigueur modus of Youtube irony. His original songs are noted for their melancholic sincerity and the uncanny blend of nostalgia with contemporary innovation. Scratch a ukulele player and you'll find Loki as an influence--in most cases by only a degree or two of separation. Having introduced the ukulele to some of the biggest names on the current indie uke scene, Loki's place in the pantheon of ukulele is well established among players, even if this far-reaching influence has managed to fly under the national popular radar. But such is the curse and blessing of the "Denver ph

In other astounding DEC News, we are close to securing our future regarding the performance space . I don’t want to jinx it yet, but rest assured we are hard at work. We are not ready for any youtube-flashmob approaches to concert venues. I just like a roof over my head, what can I say. We are also hard at work with our board development. Talk to myself (Sue here...) or Scott for more news on this front. And special super thanks to all of you who donated before the end of the year! Don’t forget our donate button always works at the DEC site. 
Go to http://www.eclecticconcerts.com to donate I hope you all had a joyous holiday season, and we really look forward to seeing you soon at Denver Eclectic and I promise I won’t make you sit through pictures of my torn up basement carpet!

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