Tuesday, March 10, 2015

On March 12th Andy Dahlke cracks the whip!!!

Greetings DEC Family!
Many peoples idea about the saxophone don't go far beyond scenes of smoky (well, not any more…) jazz rooms. I know you, dear Denver Eclectic concert goer, are much more sophisticated. If you want  to give more proof of your intellectual musical sophistication come check out Andy Dahlke on saxophones, Anne Breeden on piano and yours truly on bass for genre smashing music this Thursday.
Now we have a new temporary location, but please don't let that put you off. And yes it's a church, but our good friend there, pastor Bruce Swinehart is going to allow us our libations!
But back to the concert…
Andy is nuts, I'll just say that for the record. It's a good kind of nuts, the kind you get from being able to do so many things so damn well that you just expect your compadres to follow along, which Anne and I are more than willing to do. 
There's a Bach Flute Sonata, there's Bach SOLO CELLO music people, (not played by me, folks…) there's that crazy, luscious classical french saxophone sound that composers  Darius Milhaud and Roger Boutry loved. And speaking of Milhaud, if you ever wanted to know why the name 'Scaramouche' is stuck in your brain randomly you will get to find out why on Thursday. We also have a brand new piece titled 'There Is No Quiet In Brooklyn' for soprano sax and bass.
And oh yes, did I mention there will be jazz? 
Something for everyone barely covers the description, so take that, you 'Classical Music is Dead!' journalists.

We need you all to make this come to life, and to help us with this transition to our temporary home. Speaking of home, our good friends on Pearl street and I are working hard to get the series back in the 'hood, but alas it will no longer be at the Plum building on Pearl and Mexico. We want to thank Mortgage West owner Mark Gill for all his support over the years and allowing us to use that beautiful space. Unfortunately the yoga studio that now occupies the space was not compatible with the series, but we have a strong lead on another location right down the block. 

So we hope to see you on Thursday night, 7pm at:

St. James Episcopal Church, 8235 West 44th Ave. 

Come be a part of the crazy!

Sue and Scott

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